Presenting And Supporting The Argument

I`m going to show you how to keep your argument focus I’m not shifting focus of the argument I’m not talking ability I’m shifting away from the who has the responsibility so on the other hand parents can and must oversee what their children are exposed to be it online in a movie a book or any other source so what I’m saying here is that it is the parent duty not the government’s duty the parents duty to control what their kids are exposed to they can see violence in movies but they can easily read about violence in books lots of violent books out there they can see it on the Internet lots of act they have lots of access to violent images violent text violent anything right.

They can even be influenced by their friends who are not online not on media no control they’re consequently means as a result parents must decide whether they want their children to watch a horror film so again I’m putting a concrete example horror film the parents should decide if the child’s you see that not the government it is not for government to ban studios from making it so a government can’t tell the studio all you shouldn’t make this movie because this child might see it and act violently no the parents should just not let the child see the movie okay now whatever you think and all parents have no control or parents this and that this is not the issue here you have a very limited space to make an argument don’t worry about being intelligent don’t worry about B or obviously be a little bit intelligent but you we’re not getting into a very detailed argument here you’re presenting an argument you’re supporting it that’s it again remember English test not opinion not intelligence test furthermore now I’m adding something once we allow the government to engage in censorship in one area it will be free to act in all spheres of our lives because negative influences are everywhere and have always been so.

So now if we let the government control one part of our life eventually they’re going to try to control all parts of our life because it violence is not only in the media they can control violence in the media that can control violence on the streets they can try to control everything which we don’t want to happen okay restricting people’s access to media will not stop violence it’s part of human nature I didn’t write that here but we all understand violence will happen whether you see it on TV or whether you don’t okay in fact it may increase it may increase it it’s being violence its citizens begin to fight for their freedoms so once the government tries to control everything that’s when people will start to become more violent because they will fight for their freedoms if the guy if somebody is trying to take away your freedom you’re going to fight for it right you’re probably going to be violent in doing so so there’s my body paragraph two I have the word countdown there you can look at that as well.