A Good Story of Life is What You Make It Review

By E. B. (Kansas) – In this sequel to Heidi Thomas’ first novel, Cowgirl Dreams, we find Nettie married to her cowboy, Jake Moser, and living the dream life. A loving husband who encourages her love of rodeo, she’s a bull rider, she is invited by her mentor and friend, Marie, a successful rodeo rider to compete in a wild west rodeo in London. But as fate would have it, Nettie finds she is pregnant and her dream is put on hold.

Set in Montana in the days of the Depression when the rains stopped and the land dried up. To save the horses they are raising, the couple drive the herd from place to place looking for greener pastures. The years go by and Nettie and Jake and their son Neil, pretty much live on the road with occasional stays in various towns so Neil can attend school.

This is a story of one dream unfulfilled, but carries the lesson that life evolves all the time and although dreams often die, love and hope and commitment can create a different kind of dream and that dream may be the best dream of all. The story is based on the life of the author’s grandmother.


Review: Cowgirl Dreams

Nettie Brady is the ultimate tomboy.  She yearns to change her long, ladylike skirts to denim pants, and would much rather ride horses and compete in rodeos than be doing the sewing and darning that her mother makes her do at home.  Competing in rodeos is Nettie’s dream, but the time is the 1920’s, and such activities aren’t deemed acceptable for a woman.  However, even though her own mother wants her to be ladylike, Nettie often sneaks away to dances and horse rides.

Although she’s determined to accomplish her dream, Nettie also has to deal with a flood, influenza, and even some broken bones!  On the other hand, she does get to meet her personal heroine, a famous cowgirl.  Then she meets a neighbor who is funny, handsome, and everything Nettie could want.  Is she just having silly thoughts, or is a romance starting to blossom?

It takes Heidi M. Thomas only a couple of chapters to completely hook her readers.  Due to the constant excitement and frequent surprises, I couldn’t put the book down from almost the very beginning!  Thomas also excelled in her character description, and I was always able to relate to Nettie.  Young readers between ten and fifteen years old will love this novel!