A Few Ideas for Successful Character Development

A story, first and foremost, is about the people and characters who live through and respond to the events that take place in a tale. They are the ones whose fears and fantasies, actions and reactions we experience and wonder about. But how do you create interesting, realistic characters who will bring your story alive? It is those questions (and others) that Keith Gray addresses in his Creative Writing video tutorial.

Points to Remember

Important Questions to Think About

What comes first – the plot or the characters?
How do you create a character?
Where do characters come from?
Who is going to be the hero of your story (the protagonist/main story) – who is your story going to be about?
How do you build 3-dimensional, realistic characters?
How do you bring your characters to life?

Types of characters

Supporting Characters
3 Sources for characters

Imagination – made up by you
Observed – people that you have observed in your life
Autobiographical – close to you, your personality, interests, etc.
Facets of a character

Appearance – height, physical features, color of their hair, eyes, etc.
Character traits – talent, ambition, a personal secret, a personality flaw or idiosyncrasy, etc.
Friends and family – parent, sibling, spouse, colleagues, friends, etc.
Best friend and worst enemy – who do they confide in, who do they despise and why?
Name – fit into the purpose and personality of the character and the story.
Extra touches – obsessions, a lost object or loved one, habits, personal possessions, pastimes, etc.
Bringing your character to life

Action – what does your character do? How does he or she respond to a given situation?
Emotions – how does your character feel, what emotions characterize them, what situations bring out those emotions?
Thoughts – what does your character think about and why?

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